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With over twenty years marketing experience and ten years web design experience, Wiser Marketing deliver effective marketing, build professional web sites and develop web and internet solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients. They know how to provide successful results that stand-out in today’s digital world and drive your business forward to increase your sales and market share.

The foundations of the business are first class customer care, expert advice and an exceptional service.

Wiser Marketing was formed to provide a complete website design, marketing and promotional solution, all under one roof. By delivering each of these disciplines, the benefits to you are a greater understanding of your business needs, improved response and best prices.

A website is a form of advertising and as such must pay for itself with increased profits or it is a complete waste of time having one. Wiser Marketing pride themselves on there adaptability, enabling them to meet the precise needs of clients always within budget. It is this flexibility, combined with experience that gives Wiser Marketing the ability to react promptly and enthusiastically to its customers needs.

In order to maintain and enhance their level of service, an on-going programme of training in undertaken.

Training includes:

Wiser Marketing provide, affordable website solutions, that when coupled with the right off-line advertising, and good search engine optimisation (included in all website projects) will be a real asset in attracting new customers and selling more products or services.

Wiser Marketing understand that while image is very important, increased sales and profits are more so. Whilst building your website these factors are there main consideration. Assured quality through a commitment to excellence at every stage of design, project management and customer support demonstrate a continuing determination to improve its service within the web design and marketing industry.

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T: +44(0)1934 732011

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E: helpdesk@WiserMarketing.co.uk     

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